Our Wanderings

Where will you go?

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” -Susan Sontag

New York City, Times Square, Thanksgiving 2015

Our most common questions people ask, are where will you go and how will you get there?

We have been so very fortunate to have traveled a great deal as a family.  So far, we have visited 10 countries all together as a family and 23 overall.  If there is a free weekend or time between summer camps and activities, we try to travel.  I know traveling is tiresome and exhausting for some, but for our family, we thrive on it!  Each one of our kids joins in on the planning and anticipation of our next big adventure.

What we realized is that, although we’ve traveled outside of the United States quite a bit, we have only actually been to 14 states. (driving through a state does not count) We live in an amazingly diverse country that we’ve hardly even seen.  Given that it’s much cheaper to drive the US than to fly internationally, the idea of an epic road trip came to be.  It is our goal to visit as many states as we can during our year of travel, taking time to celebrate the centennial of the national parks, visit all the presidential libraries, tour museums, and make time for quirky pitstops, and diners, drive-ins & dives. Driving gives us the most flexibility with this plan, and allows us to literally school on the road. For now, the plan is to drive my “big red bus”, our family-sized SUV and stay in hotels, cabins, tree houses, condos, tents (minus mom, unless it’s glamping) & cabins.  We may rent an R.V.for a portion of our travel, but after much research, I do not think driving one across the country is my idea of fun or very practical for us.

We do hope to take one or two international trips when the “big kids” are home from college, but that is still TBD. Check back & we will let you know!